Single-jet vane-wheel dry water meters (DN50-100)

Cold water R315 - H

Precision metering of high cold water consumption of up to 50°C in fullflow rated, closed-loop systems, MOP 16 bar (PN16). For installation in horizontal piping with the counter upward (H). The standard versions of type JS and JS-KOP feature 6-barrel counters and powder-coated castiron bodies. The water meters with communication modules (IP65 and IP68-rated) and the special version with the NK transmitter module(IP65-rated) are designed for operation in AMR systems.


JS Impero (R315)Single-jet vane-wheel water meter


Single-jet vane-wheel dry water meter (up to R100)

  • Adapted to the remote readings

  • Resistance to strong magnetic fields

  • Minimum service life - 12 years

  • Application

    Cold water water supply systems (max. 30°C) and hot water supply systems (max. 50°C) in multifamily housing, industrial facilities, public facilities, and metering stations. Install the water meter horizontally (H) with the counter upright. The rotating counter of the water meter facilitates direct readings from the dial. As a measurement system component, the water meter helps determine the water consumption characteristics of buildings.

  • Measurement range

    Cold water H


Resistance to strong magnetic fields

Pre-equipped for optional data communication modules

The sealed counting mechanism of the meter (high tightness) prevents fogging

Blocking the rotation of the counting mechanism, when rotating at an angle of more than 360°

Low starting flow

Wide measuring range

Removable measuring plug

Double-sided rotor bearings

Adapted to the remote readings

Easy reading thanks to the possibility of free setting the rotating counter

Tested and solid construction

High running durability

JS 50R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 25DN [mm] - 50Length [mm] - **270 / ***300Connection - flange

JS 50-XX*R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 25DN [mm] - 50Length [mm] - **270 / ***300Connection - flange

JS 65R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 40DN [mm] - 65Length [mm] - 300Connection - flange

JS 65-XX* R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 40DN [mm] - 65Length [mm] - 300Connection - flange

JS 80R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 63DN [mm] - 80Length [mm] - **300 / ***350Connection - flange

JS 80-XX*R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 63DN [mm] - 80Length [mm] - **300 / ***350Connection - flange

JS 100R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 100DN [mm] - 100Length [mm] - **360 / ***350Connection - flange

JS 100-XX*R160 – H↑, R63 -V, H→

Q3 [m3/h] - 16DN [mm] - 40Length [mm] - **360 / ***350Connection - flange

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