Horizontal rotor axis propeller water meters (Woltman) (DN40-400)

MWN / MWN130:Cold water R100 ÷ 200 - H, VHot water R 25 ÷ H - Н, VMWN-G / MWN130-G:
Cold water R100 - H, V
Hot water R40 - H, V

Measurement of high cold water consumption up to 30°C or 50°C and hot water up to 130°C, MOP 16 bar (PN16). For installation in horizontal piping with the counter upward (H), in vertical piping with the counter sideways (V), or in sloping piping (H/V). The standard versions of type MWN feature 6-barrel counters and powder-coated cast-iron bodies. The water meters with communication modules (IP65 and IP68-rated) and the special version with the NK transmitter module (IP65-rated) are designed for operation in AMR systems




Horizontal rotor axis propeller water meters (Woltman) (DN40-400)

  • Adapted to the remote readings

  • Resistance to strong magnetic fields

  • Minimum service life - 12 years

  • Application

    Water meters are assigned to industrial measurements of water usage up to 30 degrees of cold water and up to 130 degrees of hot water in relatively regular and strong flaw rate. Construction of the water meter gives possibility of mounting on horizontal, vertical and inclined water supply systems with counter set upwards, sidewards or in medium position H-V.

  • Measurement range

    ● MWN / MWN130 – Cold water R100÷200 – H, V
    ● MWN / MWN130 - Hot water R25÷40 – H, V
    ● MWN-G / MWN130-G – Cold water R100 – H, V
    ● MWN-G / MWN130-G – Hot water R40 – H, V


Measurement based on a unique and patented ultrasonic beam path through the measurement chamber: W-Sonic Technology

Resistance to magnetic field and hydrodynamic impact

Measurement range up to R800 in every operating orientation (H, V, H/V)

Hygiene standard compliant: including DVGW, WRAS, and ACS

No moving parts in the measuring chamber

IP68 as standard

Starting flow from 0.75 l/h for DN15

Artboard 7

High measurement stability, insensitive to any metering system contamination

The structure of each radio frame complies with the OMS3 or OMS4 standard

No filter or check valve required


Choice of case material - brass or composite material

Battery life is up to 12 years with a radio transmitter, radio frames are sent at a constant frequency, which equal to 12 seconds


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